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Charlotte Mason:

  • "We allow no separation to grow up between the intellectual and 'spiritual' life of children, but teach them that the Divine Spirit has constant access to their spirits, and is their Continual Helper in all the interests, duties and joys of life." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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March 04, 2009


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Tea, that was what I was making. I knew there was something--I got sidetracked by hungry kids and no food in the house--made cranberry muffins because I had the ingredients and forgot the tea.


I'm simply pleased that I 'beat' you to that book! lol Perhaps the first time ever......


Love the mug!


Oh good grief! - I need this break!!! well done you for taking it!


Well look at that! Here I was taking MY little break and stumbled onto your blog :-) It's lovely here!

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