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November 09, 2009


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We're feather and dead-bird collectors, too! I do resort to "mom mode" when I encourage hand-washing after such endeavors, but we touch everything.

It's a gorgeous bird. We're not too far south of you (in Beltsville), so we'll keep our eyes open for another one (hopefully alive, of course).


What a beautiful bird. I must confess I was amazed and admiring that you'd got the book so close for the photo before I read that the bird was dead? Duh!
Do you have a separate compartment in your freezer for dead birds? We have some rabbit bones in a biscuit jar and I worry that one day an unsuspecting visitor will fancy a nibble and get a fright!


Dead bird collectors here, too! Bones, feathers, teeth, you name it, we've collected it.
That is a really beautiful bird.


Having raised one nature-loving boy, I have had a few interesting things in my freezer too! :-) Once, as I was foraging for something to cook for dinner, my hand touched something that startled didn't *feel* like anything that I had put in. On closer inspection, I discovered it to be a squirrel's tail...I had forgotten that Ryan had placed it there.

Ryan's good friend is a wildfowl carver. His mom has had LOTS of interesting finds in her freezer!

But back to the subject of dead birds...we were able to closely examine (and subsequently draw in our nature notebooks) both a ruby-throated hummingbird and a cardinal that were found dead on our property. But nothing so exciting as your ruby-crowned kinglet! Wow!


We've observed many a perished animal, birds many times :) Gerard Durell and Fabri would be proud! Such a beautiful little specimen!

sarah in the woods

It is beautiful. Too bad it was dead. I saw my first one last year.


oh, we just a had a beautiful gray-blue bird hit our window, & though we've watched to see how it returns to the soil, we never thought to look it up! in hindsight, i can't believe we never thought of it. but it's been amazing to observe. this is a beautiful little one. i'm curious what your mom's saved in her fridge!

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